About Reign Supreme

We are a collective that focuses on promoting healing and bringing awareness and resources to underserved and overlooked communities. Our continuously growing team brings a wide range of experiences and skills that offer amazing benefits and incite to the communities we serve. Mental, Physical, & Spiritual health are integral to any healing journey. Through the different workshop series and community outreach programs, Reign Supreme aims create a movement that tackles taboo issues and hard truths that hinder personal and communal progress. By offering resources, mentorships, outlets, and safe spaces where representation matters; we strive to empower the individual as well as the culture.


To empower and provide resources and tools to promote healing and wellness.


Mission Statement


Reign Supreme is a non-profit organization that creates a safe, healing, and holistic space for total mind, body, and spirit wellness.


Team Supreme

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J. Katrice

Motivational Spoken Word Artist

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Tia Marie

Empowerment Coach

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Ty Taylor


Holistic Health Apprentice


Monica Renae

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor 


Benny Ingram



L. Moore 

Trauma Focused Licensed Therapist


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The idea of Reign Supreme dates back to 2011 when founder Brittany Stroud first discussed building a Holistic Health and Wellness program specifically for Masculine Centered women, with her best friend and business partner Eboney Johnson. At that time Reign Supreme was just a thought that lingered in the back of their minds. After the passing of Eboney Johnson in 2017, Brittany decided that she wanted to move forward with a program to honor Eboney’s memory by concentrating on what would be the first workshop series that would cater to Masculine Center women. In 2020, while having one of their many car talks, Brittany and team member Ty Taylor discussed putting together and hosting a workshop for Masculine Centered women. This workshop would address a wide range of topics that are considered taboo in the Lesbian community. Brittany began formulating the workshop foundation that would address these topics in a way that promotes healing and holistic wellness. She enlisted the help of her friends Benae “Benny” Ingram, Monica Wade, and Tia Coatley along with Ty Taylor to develop Reign Supreme: The Masc, The Dom, The Gods. The very first workshop was held in March 2021 in Atlanta GA.

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Email: Reignsupremeteam1@gmail.com 
Phone Number: 678-458-3785